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I am 27 YO . My skin has gone at least 3 tones darker in the last few years . I had wheatish complexion and now I feel it has become dusky . I can see pores , lines , patches everywhere . It has lost glow and looks very dull . I don’t use any products , just a glycerin based pears soap to wash and biotique SPF 50 sunblock . What can I do to regain a healthy looking skin . I am not able to follow any particular diet but I eat fruits and drink enough water . I don’t know what else to do . Does anyone has a really effective solution? I want to have as perfect skin as possible with no makeup . TIA

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How similar is maha's skin with yours? Take the Skin Assessment to find out how similar you are and find your SkinTwins.

You need to start a proper skin regimen. Cleansing Exfoliating (2-3 times in week) Toning Serum Moisturizer Eyecream Lipbalm Do this every night and find products that suit your skin. Your skin needs love too.

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