Everything you need to know about varicose vein treatment in Chicago

Getting rid of unattractive, swollen blue vein has become ever more easier now with modern Chicago varicose veins treatment. The minimally invasive treatment is FDA approved and retrieve that bold and beautiful skin you once had. What is varicose veins and how is it treated? When veins grow large and bulge out because of back flow of blood, the problem is called varicose veins. In normal condition, blood flow in controlled by valves that allow blood to flow only in one direction. When because of some reason, the valve get damaged, the blood begins to flow in both directions. This increased pressure of blood make the veins dilated and cause varicose veins. Traditionally, varicose veins were surgical treated under anesthesia. It took a patient a few days to recover completely. In the most recent Chicago varicose veins laser treatment, the patient is treated without anesthesia in under 20 minutes.

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