is the first ever transdermal skin consultation system. Using advanced science in a simple design, the dermograph™ helps you understand your skin and helps you find products that work for you.

Measure your skin health

Learn about improving your skin health

Identify the right products & treatments

Technologically advanced, safe and precise

Our transdermal skin imager utilizes the visible light spectrum and sensors that pick up on reflected light, a magnifying element, and a special light source to illuminate the skin’s layers.

Visible light typically penetrates a few millimeters through the skin and is enough for the sensors to safely and noninvasively read and understand the various skin structures and components


dermograph™ measures the health of skin along thirteen different characteristics, carefully tailored to meet anyone’s unique skincare needs.


We provide a variety of unique solutions around your requirements. We let you pick and choose from several hardware and software options, to build a credible skin imaging consultation that optimizes your clients’ experience.

Track, report & recommend

Tailored Report

Receive a summary of your skin health measurements along with tailored products or treatments.

Skin Health Diary

Keep the record of skin health readings between customer sessions or visits. Browse through data. Monitor and analyze skin progress and track changes over time.


Easily input products and treatments that your spa or brand currently offer, to enable the best fit products.

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